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about me.


My love for make up started at an early age 

As my love grew my collection grew 

I started out doing my own face and one day I decided I wanted to do more 

I had the biggest support system ever I’m grateful because of them I went harder because they saw something I couldn’t see at the time which was Passion 

One day I decided I wanted to learn my strengths and weaknesses so I could perfect my make up skills so I took some classes to do so 

I made my mind up I want to do faces other than mine and here we are 

The Cassiun Collection is me expanding what I love 

Bomb lash 

Bomb lip 

Bomb highlighter 

These are all the things deemed essential to me when I do make up 

“Anything that involves the enhancements of  beauty I’m passionate about it “ Catrice Cassiun

The Cassiun Collection



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